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Fun & Creativity

Vocational Training

  • We host various job training programs.

  • Job Readiness, Clerical, Retail, Food Service, Grocery

  • Varying stations that will support the individual interest of the client

  • Grocery-how to pack a grocery bag, greeting, stocking a shelf

  • Food Service-setting up a table, refilling dispensers, cleanliness, folding napkins, sorting coins and bagging them, sorting utensils

  • Retail-buttoning shirts, folding towels, hanging shirts, sorting by sizes, matching and folding various items, sorting and pairing shoes

  • Clerical-folding papers in thirds, stuffing/sealing envelopes, filing by number/letter, stapling papers, folding paper in half, sealing envelopes

  •  Job Readiness-Clients will be taught professional vocabulary, how to interview, fill out an application, professional dress, the concept of work

Financial Literacy

Clients will learn banking skills through our in-house bank, Next Level Bank  

Clients will learn how to make deposits into their accounts bi-weekly ($)

Client will fill out a registration card to open account

Clients will be signed up to take classes on financial literacy (how to write checks, how to use debit cards, keeping a bank registry of all transactions, how to make purchases)

The bank teller will operate/manage all aspects of the banking experience comparable to any FDIC banking institution

Receipts of all transactions will be provided to the client/guardian/bank

Functional Skills Training

Financial Literacy-purchasing items in a store

Dollar Up Method

Coin/bill recognition

Stranger Danger

Emergency Calling/Keeping oneself safe

Communication/expressing wants and needs



Daily Living Skills

Using public restrooms

Crossing the Street

Personal Space

Cooking a simple meal


Proper dress

Food Choices

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