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Upcoming Events 

Next Level Transition Program has several fundraising events happening throughout the year, all proceeds from our fundraising events go towards improving our building, educational field trips, additional training, and expanding our vehicle capacity. 

Unique Tea 

You are cordially invited to high tea hosted by the participants of Next Level Transition Program. Join us for an afternoon of high-quality tea tasting of a variety of teas crafted by the esteemed Aristocratish Tea Company.

March 16th

Soccer Match

Kickn' It 

Join Us for our 1st annual Kickn' It kickball tournament where our teams go head to head to determine who is the Next Level Kickn' It Champion!!!

July 27th

Holiday Gala

Our Holiday Gala is our biggest event of the year, where we celebrate our participant's progress from throughout the year. More details are coming soon!!!

Christmas Party
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