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About Us

Your Young Adults are in Great Hands


Our Backstory

Having taught individuals with unique abilities for many years in the public school system, our founder had found that so many of her students had nothing to look forward to once they graduated. She had many parents ask what programs are available to their young adult child who just recently graduated.

They were concerned that their child would sit at home, not engaged, not busy, and with nothing to do. As their parents continuously asked her for help, it saddened her to know that so much talent and potential were just sitting at the house and doing nothing.

This started her on her path to develop a program that teaches young adults how to independently thrive in their community and showcase their talents, potential, and abilities. She started to support more collaboration among parents so they could help each other and learn what it was their children needed most.


 One afternoon during the summer our owner received a call from one of her students. She was screaming and crying on the phone, barely understandable.  Once she was calmed, she said “The lady cut my pizza into small pieces. I don’t need my pizza cut; I know how to eat pizza on my own.  I can do things by myself.”  Hearing the distress in her voice and the sincerity, our owner realized how important it was to help her and others to be independent thinkers, to listen to their desires for themselves, and to teach others that they matter and have personal dreams that they would like to see for themselves.  This is Next Level’s mission to support individuals with unique abilities to "Dream Beyond Limits."

The Next Level Team

Dedication. Passion. Excellence.

Our Team is composed of educated, enthusiastic, and passionate people who wake up every morning with the intention of assisting, teaching, as well as developing relationships with each participant of Next Level. Our team is dedicated to growing our extensive knowledge of the Unique Abilities population with bi-monthly training. All of our staff is CPR and First Aid certified. 

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